It's finally time to start thinking about hanging baskets. I love me some hanging baskets.

Only problem is the pre-potted versions are expensive and they dry out way to fast for my liking. I just don't have the time to water them twice a day or the extra cash to replace them during the season. So I've come up with a easy solution to the dried out hanging basket issue. Ready?

First, I purchase all the flowers and moisture control potting soil. I spent $35.00 for the extra large bag of dirt (I have half the bag of soil left for other planting projects) and flowers. I reuse the same hanging baskets year after year.

Then I line the baskets with a grocery store plastic bag, add soil and plant away. Yup, all you need is one of those cheap - sit in the landfill for an eternity - plastic bags from your local grocery store!

I have four of these adorning my front entryway. Before I started adding the plastic bag liner the baskets needed to be watered twice a day. With the plastic bag liner I water once every couple of days. Sweet!

Easy Peasy right! So, if you love you some hanging baskets but hate to spend time watering them give this little trick a try ~ you'll be glad you did. Happy planting everyone!

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