It's finally time to start thinking about hanging baskets. I love me some hanging baskets.

Only problem is the pre-potted versions are expensive and they dry out way to fast for my liking. I just don't have the time to water them twice a day or the extra cash to replace them during the season. So I've come up with a easy solution to the dried out hanging basket issue. Ready?

First, I purchase all the flowers and moisture control potting soil. I spent $35.00 for the extra large bag of dirt (I have half the bag of soil left for other planting projects) and flowers. I reuse the same hanging baskets year after year.

Then I line the baskets with a grocery store plastic bag, add soil and plant away. Yup, all you need is one of those cheap - sit in the landfill for an eternity - plastic bags from your local grocery store!

I have four of these adorning my front entryway. Before I started adding the plastic bag liner the baskets needed to be watered twice a day. With the plastic bag liner I water once every couple of days. Sweet!

Easy Peasy right! So, if you love you some hanging baskets but hate to spend time watering them give this little trick a try ~ you'll be glad you did. Happy planting everyone!

The past couple of weeks we have been working on our master closet redo. When we built our house custom closets were not in the budget so we ended up with builder grade closet organization consisting of the single pole and shelf option. We also thought one light fixture would work for the space, we were wrong.

If you've been reading along you know we completed Dearest Daughter's and Little Man's closet not to long ago. I'm excited to begin showing you the process of our master closet redo. Here's my side of the closet partially cleaned out; all my OCD tendencies can be identified by the color coding.

Here is a shot of my husband's side of the closet fully cleaned out. Nothing to look at here except builder grade blah. Moving along. 

After the pole and shelves were removed a bit of spray texture repair was in order.

This weekend I spent a lot of time painting the closet. I decided to stick with shaker beige instead of going for a bolder choice. The thought process involved possibly not liking the paint color once the cabinetry was installed which would make repainting an absolute nightmare.

I hope to have some updated photos with the new paint and the beginning installation of the metal cleats needed to hold the cabinetry for you soon. Hang tight!